Smooth or textured fibreglass panels – ideal for walls and ceilings

Available in either a smooth or textured finish, these fibreglass panels are lightweight and easy to install. They are ideal for high-humidity areas.

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Textured Fibreglass
Textured Fibreglass, fire rated
Smooth Fibreglass
Smooth Fibreglass, fire rated

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AGRO-ESK suspended ceiling

The AGRO-ESK suspended ceiling has a natural or white aluminum suspension system for mounting smooth or textured fibreglass tiles. Once the tiles are installed, the system is sealed. (Ceiling tiles can also be laminated onto other substrate or rigid insulation for refrigeration rooms.)

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) wall and ceiling panels

These smooth, white, washable polyethylene sheets are suitable for walls and ceilings. Given their multiple features, they have a wide range of applications and are an ideal choice for hygienic surfaces.

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Polyethylene H.D.P.E

Verilon® transparent vinyl strips and sheets

Verilon® transparent vinyl strips and sheets are used in industrial, commercial and institutional structures, both indoors and outdoors. Transparent, odourless and non-toxic, Verilon® strips help reduce heating costs, while providing a pollution seal and dampening noise.