Michel and Rock Marcoux began to offer plastic wall panels in Granby in May 1987, after they bought Agro-115, a family company that at the time had three employees. This laid the foundations of a new company that would later become the envy of its competitors. A few months later, when the firm was already successful, the management team decided to expand its range of products to offer customers fibreglass panels for walls and ceilings.

The sound business sense that Michel and Rock were developing was to take them much farther. The favourable investment climate and their sound understanding of the trade prompted them to purchase Plastiques Glysco, which produced panels for dump and low-profile truck bodies.

By 1990, the space they were renting in Granby had become too cramped. So the following year, the firm relocated to Ange-Gardien, where it now owned much larger facilities. The new premises considerably increased the space for the employees as well as for storing materials and inventories. This major investment was essential for the company’s growth and it led to the purchase of more specialized equipment to laminate and finish various products, such as plywood and rigid insulation. In 1996, since the firm was constantly expanding, the owners decided to return to Granby permanently in even larger premises.

Always on the lookout for new market opportunities and thanks to its know-how, Agro was able to develop several innovative products designed for the food, transportation and agricultural sectors.

In December 2010, the company acquired a polyethylene sheet extruder. This machine, which had been designed to meet the specific needs of dump truck operators, turned out to also meet the needs of transportation, concrete processing and mining industry customers.

Also in December 2010, the company decided to change its name to Les Revêtements Agro Inc. This new “branding” better reflects the firm’s success and its determination to live up to its ambitions for the future.

Over the years, the company has developed its own values that have helped it win the loyalty of its customers.

Today, the company has reached full maturity and employs some 20 specialists in panels and coverings.